Motion Graphics

You may have seen it as an Explainer video, whiteboard animation, video infographic, or motion graphics, but you’ve certainly seen it. It is an attractive, modern, and highly sought-after way of visualization, both for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as for corporate, training, and branding purposes.

The time a person spends watching video content on the Internet is increasing manifold every day. This is due to the dynamic times in which we live. Constant changes, developments, and innovations are all around us and one needs a simple and exciting way to perceive all the information. Video animations fill this need, and due to their huge interest, they gradually begin to serve businesses as well.

How Can We Help?

We produce such video animations for businesses, helping our clients grow, inform their audience in an engaging way, create and distribute creative video content, and earn more. Our team of screenwriters, illustrators, animators, voice actors, and sound engineers will make a personalized clip for you. Each animated clip we create is specially designed for your specific needs and according to your specific vision, style, and brand identity.

A Few Examples From Our Portfolio

Over time, video animation has become one of the main areas in which we work. We have created video infographics for dozens of companies, realizing hundreds of clips. Here are the first two of them:

Can It Help With Branding?

A video animation will help you reveal your brand to the world, and tell more people about your business in an accessible and attractive way. In our hectic everyday life, the time each person spends on the Internet grows at a rapid pace. Through video infographics, you will grab the attention of your users while conveying your message in a stylish and interesting form.

A series of explainer infographics for ExpatCapital:


Motion graphics animations are suitable for educational and corporate purposes as well as for advertising and marketing purposes. Good for the Internet space, but also for television. Versatile – to put it simply. We can create – animated logos, animated banners, commercials, GIFs, or simply animated elements and illustrations for your branding campaign or website. This type of content is also particularly suitable for educational, explanatory, or presentational purposes.

Why Is This Important?

Video animation is an interesting and successful approach as it allows you to stand out. Through motion video in your styling and branding identity, you will shine among boring and monotonous advertisements. Your videos will attract more attention and hold the eye. In animation, picture and sound work hand in hand, thus making the transmission of information interesting, entertaining, smooth, and comprehensible.

A series of explainer animations for Roche Bulgaria:

Want To Scale Your Ad Game?

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Here Is The Work Process Explained

1. Information and Research

We approach our work strictly individually, and the illustrations we create for each animated clip are completely original and tailored to your brand. For this purpose, getting to know your business at the beginning of our joint work is necessary. Any visual materials that could serve us as examples or references are welcome, such as a brand book, website, corporate presentations, logo, links to sample videos that caught your attention, etc. All these materials will help us to immerse ourselves as much as possible in your specific vision, learn about your products and services, and assist in drawing up a suitable concept with which to visualize your message.

2. Contract and starting work

The contract we will sign will give you certainty and establish a time frame for us to create your animated video.

3. Creative concept and scriptwriting

At the start of the work, our team of screenwriters and copywriters will write out a specific script to describe both the possible voice-over and the visuals that will appear on the screen. This approach will ensure that we have a complete idea of ​​exactly what the final animated clip will look like and will be able to optimize it according to your feedback.

4. Illustration and storyboard

On top of the already scheduled script, our team of illustrators and graphic designers will create the basic illustrations, environments, backgrounds, and other elements that we will distribute to individual scenes so that we can create a storyboard – a breakdown of each individual scene in image form.

5. Design and illustrations

Once we have a storyboard, our illustrators will create unique images for each character and element that will appear in the video. Each of the scenes will be filled with every necessary illustration.

6. Voice over recording

Based on the created script and storyboard, we select the most suitable voice actor for your animated clip to voice the video. The recording takes place in a professional recording studio, which meets all the requirements for high-quality sound extraction.

7. Animation

The finished illustrations now pass into the hands and computers of our professional animators to animate them in a dynamic and attractive way, according to our conversations and according to the timing of the already recorded voiceover. This is the stage where the individual elements begin to come together and form an attractive animated video.

8. Music, sound design, and SFX

In this final stage, it’s time to assemble all the individual elements into a finished animated clip. This is the moment when we select and add appropriate music, add sound effects (SFX), and sound design, which, contrary to expectations, play a key role in the final look and quality of the animated clip. The right sound design, music, and tone of the clip will direct the viewer’s attention and complement the picture for maximum effect.

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  • Illustrations
  • Animation
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