“ECOlogika” is a web documentary series that aims to bring to the attention of the viewers the stories of various organizations and their initiatives for a more sustainable lifestyle and better maintenance of the environment. In three episodes, the documentary series presents the activities of the teams with a cause for a more appropriate way of life and work in three different aspects – urban planning, animal species, and zero-waste business.

The Green Line of the Future

In episode 1 of ‘ECOlogic’ we meet you with the team behind the idea of ​​“Sofia Green Line” – Chrissy, Sophie, and Svetlio are the people who reveal forgotten routes in the capital of Bulgaria, with the potential to become a large linear park, suitable for walking or cycling from any district of Sofia to the city center, as well as for the realization of many outdoor sports and cultural events! Together with the municipal enterprise “Sofiaplan”, they study all the benefits for public and civil infrastructure that the project will provide.

The Return of the Species

In episode 2 of “ECOlogic” we introduce you to the adventurers and conservationists of endangered species in Bulgaria from “Green Balkans” and the Wildlife Rescue Center in Stara Zagora. Together with them, we follow in the footsteps of endangered bird species to see up close how their daily lives go, what challenges and journeys they face every day, and why.

The Philosophy of the New Era

In episode 3 of “ECOlogic” we present Blazhka Dimitrova and her restaurant “Blagichka”, who tells us and shows us clearly what is behind the concept of life with zero waste, how it is achieved, and why it is important. From the episode, you will learn whether it is difficult to build a zero-waste business, as well as what are the basic principles for achieving it. The characters tell us about the global problem of waste, plastics, and soil and air pollution while demonstrating their personal contribution to a better future for all.

'Behind The Scene' Photos

Production team

  1. Director and editor: Georgi Svetlomirov
  2. Producer: Siyana Nedyalkova
  3. Cameraman: Mladen Minev
  4. Sound recording and sound processing: Svetozar Shenkov
  5. Assistant operator: Lachezar Indjiev, Hristo Petkov
  6. Drone operator: Marin Rangelov
  7. Graphic design: Rositsa Galabova


Episode 1

Hristiana Vasileva, Sofia Stoyanova, Svetoslav Alexandrov, Stanimira Nikolova, Simeon Malinov, Peter Munnery, Tsvetan Kolev.

Episode 2

Rusko Petrov, George Hudges, Andreana Dicheva, Stefka Dimitrova, Elaine Phillips, Ilian Stoev, Yordanka Vasileva.

Episode 3

Blazhka Dimitrova, Denimir Dimitrov, Daniela Arsova, Alexander Andreev.


“ECOlogic” is inspired by the competition Project “ECO”, organized by Ivaylo Tsochev, and on the idea of ​​Maria Maruleva.

The project is produced by Spread It Digital Agency, in partnership with Greenpeace Bulgaria and Wonder Studio.

With the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the Creative Initiatives Program.