Digital Marketing

This was an important and necessary step in the development of the business. Going global means going digital so we are investing heavily in a digital infrastructure and marketing.

Web Development

We decide upon a different approach in regards to web development and the business goals set for our client. A domestic website and an implementation of e-commerce marketplaces for the start of international sales.

Video creation

Visually compelling videos of the gorgeous jewelry and luxury gifts predetermined the need for video content. Especially useful for digital communication.


Expanding beyond the domestic market is a goal we have set for this project. A global brand through e-commerce is the final goal.


Digital Marketing
Web Development
E-commerce strategy
Days of Work
Markets reached
Number of videos


A personalized approach was needed for a successful partnership with our client and most of all we needed to set the right goals, proper work processes, and measure the results by the right KPIs.

After a few lengthy meetings and understanding the business of our client in-depth we decided that a step-by-step action plan is the best option for its development. But all those steps had to overlap because we needed to ensure continuity.

  • We needed to decide which social platforms are appropriate.
  • Based on our knowledge about the domestic ideal client we developed an international client persona as well.
  • Well-optimized digital infrastructure was the next step which required expertise in the field of digital marketing.
  • The action plan was clear and structured.
  • Implementation was a key step of the plan and it is currently underway.
  • As the first results were coming in we needed to analyze all the gathered data and optimize accordingly.