Concept & Copywriting

Market research, concept development and copywriting for creative content.


Graphic design and visualizations.

Video creation

Development of 2D motion graphics video content.

Voice and Sound

Finding the right voice actor for the project, recording and adding sound FX.


Concept and Copywriting
Graphic Design
Sound Design
Days of Work
Animated Minutes


We live in times when, thanks to globalization and internet technologies, everyone around the world has the opportunity to express their opinions publicly, to provoke and participate in discussions, as well as to disseminate all kinds of information uncontrollably and freely. Of course, this carries its risks and leads to significant misinformation on various topics.

Statistical studies indicate that nearly 45% of all emails worldwide are spam. In numbers, that’s over 14 billion emails every day. The situation is no different on social media. A significant portion of all publications spread fake news or contain deceptive and unwanted advertising messages. Nearly 80% of people who have used Facebook at least once in their lifetime have fallen victim to fake news or have shared such news. This is a shocking statistic that shows us that more than ever, a person must be careful and take care of how they sow, consume, and share information. 


Over the years, many scientists and philosophers such as Carl Sagan, David Hume, and others have developed mechanisms and methods for critical thinking, through which a person can deal with misinformation and be able to distinguish scientific knowledge from fake news. Because science is not just another paradigm to believe in. Science is a method of investigation, observation, and argumentation for every claim, so that it can be substantiated logically and meaningfully.

These methods are summarized in the 8 basic principles of critical thinking and aim to build an accessible and simple way to check and analyze every claim before accepting it as true or dismissing it as false. Our team has researched the topic and created a short and entertaining animation that presents the eight principles of critical thinking in an accessible manner – something that could be of great benefit to every person every day. This explanation of the principles can serve as a guide in the ocean of fake news and misinformation to which each of us is exposed every day.