Concept & Copywriting

Market research, concept development and copywriting for creative content.


Graphic design and visualizations.

Video creation

Development of 2D motion graphics video content.

Voice and Sound

Finding the right voice actor for the project, recording and adding sound FX.


Concept and Copywriting
Graphic Design
Sound Design
Days of Work
Animated Minutes


We look at the soil as the substrate in which we grow our plants. But it’s much more than that. It is a teeming ecosystem full of life and is an essential part of every agricultural endeavor. Agriculture has been the backbone of every society since the beginning of human civilization. It provides food for us and the animals we rely on; without it, life as we know it is impossible.

Worldwide soil deterioration is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Each year 24 tonnes of fertile soil are lost due to erosion. A healthy diet comes from the plants and animals we care for, while healthy agriculture grows together with its soil. Producing sufficient food for our ever-growing population is dependent on maintaining our soil resources. 


In the third episode of our educational platform – Knowledge Spree, we join forces with CPSBB – Center for Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology to bring to light this burning problem that often remains in the background. Thanks to the scientific researchers at the institute, we have learned a great deal about the complex gene regulatory networks and metabolic pathways governing plant development, how it all relates to soil, and what we as humans can do to protect the world’s soil resource. Of course, the topic turned out to be vast, and the points of view – endless. We realized that humanity still has a lot to learn and develop in order to cope with the ecological challenges of the increasing human population and its nutrition.

In a short and entertaining 6-minute animation, we tried to reduce all the scientific information to an understandable explanation of the main soil characteristics and what they mean for the average farmer, or gardener. We hope that our clip will not only be interesting for you, but that it will make you think about an important topic for humanity, while at the same time learn something new and useful.