Concept & Copywriting

Market research, concept development and copywriting for creative content.


Graphic design and visualizations.

Video creation

Development of 2D motion graphics video content commonly named as explainer video or animated video.

Voice and Sound

Finding the right voice actor for the project, recording and adding sound FX.


Concept and Copywriting
Graphic Design
Sound Design
Days of Work
Minutes Animated Time


The client contacted us with a clear concept and plan for making a short infographic series of two to three animated videos. The aim was mainly to acquaint the already interested audience with details and arguments about the service offered, namely – investment savings account.

Here are a few tips on why they did that.

We were first required to create a visual and narrative concept – an idea for the most intriguing and modern approach through which to convey the written information. The financial services sector is special because of the delicate and sensitive topic it touches on. Many people often approach the new financial instruments with unjustified distrust, and it was important for us to emphasize on the benefits and advantages of the service by protecting it with data and arguments.

Together with the client, we prepared a detailed script for two videos. The focus was to structure the content in the clearest and most understandable way possible and without stumbling into long and monotonous explanations, without missing any important information.

We combined the prepared materials into a detailed Storyboard, which together with a team of illustrators, we turned into detailed scenes containing characters, buildings, objects, environment, symbols, and other visual elements. Accordingly, they were animated and turned into two detailed explanatory animated videos.


We combined the key messages from the two videos in a short version in order to present and advertise the service to a wider audience.