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According to the latest official statistics and studies, video content continues to gain more and more leads over all other methods when it comes to attracting user interest, holding their attention, explaining products, services, or processes, building corporate image and identity, etc. Video advertising and video content in general continue to be the most interesting and successful way to promote and advertise. We advise you not to ignore this method, but to pay special attention to it since the results it shows are truly amazing and proof of this is the constantly appearing corporate and/or advertising videos that flood us on all possible communication channels. The cost of advertising is increasing, and it will be difficult to find even a single brand that does not use video content to improve business results. And there’s a reason – it works!

Why Video?

Video is the most impactful type of content possible because it can move the viewers, make them laugh or cry, tell stories, capture unforgettable moments, hold the viewer’s attention, advertise, narrate, explain, and most of all – affect them emotionally.

Our experience in cinema allows us to work with a wide range of partners and contractors, thanks to which your video idea will not be overlooked. In addition to a highly specialized and professional team, we also provide you with high-quality film and shooting equipment, professional lighting, a recording studio, a drone, and more.

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How Can We Help?

No matter where you are, we are available to realize and seal your ideas and messages on the screen. We at Spread It work on video projects all over the country. Our team of professional cameramen is ready to shoot your advertisement, event, or corporate video, regardless of the location.


At Spread It we aim to create the most successful video product possible, personalized for you and your specific goals. Each project is approached strictly individually and depending on your goals and priorities. We use contemporary concepts, means of expression, and modern approaches in the realization of each project. Our team develops daily, thus we manage to provide our clients with the most attractive and successful video projects possible, both in terms of video production and video shooting, as well as in terms of video editing, visual effects, animation, and sound design.

What Types of Video Content is There?

Corporate Video

A corporate video is one of the most sought-after image solutions that most companies resort to at least once a year. These clips can have a variety of purposes. Some corporate videos, for example, focus on building a corporate image. This is often achieved through data and statistics about the company, its history, its employees, values, ​​and future goals. The video format proves to be the perfect tool for comprehensively conveying this type of information while keeping the viewer’s attention without boring them. The moving shots, beautiful colors and composition, and dynamic and smooth video editing are intriguing to the human eye and brain, and therefore investing in a corporate video is the solution that will increase the recognition of your brand, company, or product and present it to your audience in an interesting, attractive, stylish and modern way.

Explainer Video

In today’s fast-paced everyday life, many companies have a strong need to periodically deliver new key information to their users, customers, teams, or partners. To this end, the explainer video is the solution by which they can achieve their goals successfully, even exceeding their expectations, while saving themselves a hefty amount of money.

Imagine how much training costs a company. Usually, training programs in the corporate sphere entail several costs and complications that are simply not worth it. These can be expenses such as speakers, multimedia, halls and spaces, catering, transport costs, electricity, logistics and event management, accommodation, and travel expenses.


All of these costs can be avoided by simply creating one or more training videos. This will not only help the smoother and optimal transfer of all the necessary information, but will make the entire training process easier to follow, many times cheaper, lighter, and non-committal, and what’s more – the training videos, unlike life training or lectures remain forever. You will be able to use them again and again. Your employees will be able to return to missed or already forgotten training sessions again and again without worrying about missing important information while in the toilet.

ТV Advertisement

To this day, TV advertising remains one of the most reliable and preferred models for mass advertising, both in Bulgaria and all over the world. Despite the increasing penetration of all online content formats, TV advertising remains the preferred approach for all advertisers who are willing to allocate a larger budget, knowing that it will pay off many times over. The truth is that a well-thought-out and executed TV advertising campaign is practically priceless and the potential that the genre holds in terms of returns is limitless.

Video Interviews

Very often, the viewer needs to hear a given piece of information directly from a responsible or competent person. In these cases, video interviews can be an extremely useful way to educate your audience, and talk about your company or products. Often in the scientific or technological sphere, companies have the most serious need for this type of video content. Most often, video interviews are the subject of pharmaceutical companies or those in the field of health care, for medical campaigns or applications, for technological or software solutions, applications, explaining the process, in the industrial spheres, etc.

Should You Invest in Video Production?

With all that said, we hope we’ve managed to convince you that video content is worth it, even though it’s not a cheap process to create. Every company carefully plans and allocates its marketing and communication budget, and the creation of video content is simply an expense that often has to “swallow” solid funds that would have originally gone to social network development, SEO, or any other modern communication method.

Despite this need for a high budget, however, video content demonstrates the best results in terms of audience engagement, lead retention, and traffic generation. That is why we are 100% convinced that everyone who has allocated the necessary funds and energy to create optimal video content (be it advertising, branding, informative, or corporate) does not regret even for a moment and has repeatedly recouped his investment.

A Couple of Art Short Movies From Our Portfolio

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Here Is The Work Process Explained

1. Information and Research

Research is the first key stage that is fundamental to a successful video campaign. We always take a strictly individual approach to each of our projects, so the meeting is of key importance, at which we will learn about your business, company, or product, your target audience and user group, about your vision, mission, and goals.

2. Contract and starting work

The contract we will sign will give you security and establish a time frame for us to create your video, video ad, or video campaign.

3. Creative concept and scriptwriting

Once we’ve settled on a creative concept it’s time to turn it into a detailed script. A video script doesn’t make for particularly interesting reading, but that’s not its point. This is an important document to put down on paper specifics about each element in the future video. You will have the opportunity to follow the development of the script, giving us feedback at each stage or version. The goal is to settle on an excellent, dense, and feasible scenario.

4. Preparation for Shooting

preparation for shooting includes proper planning of the shooting process, technical parameters, organization of locations, camera crew, camera and sound recording equipment and lighting, costumes, props, make-up, etc. if necessary. All this is also complemented by logistics so that you can be sure and calm that the whole process runs smoothly and without compromise.

5. Shooting Process

The flow of a shooting day depends entirely on the type of video, with different types requiring radically different crew, techniques, and materials. The Spread It team will be there in all its glory to fulfill your video content goals. You can count on everything you need, be it actors, directors, cinematographers, stage designers, make-up artists, props and costume designers, sound directors, and whatnot.

6. Post-production

this is a lengthy, energy-intensive, and extremely important stage for any video. It is mainly divided into two directions – post-production picture and post-production sound. Post-production picture includes both video editing and color corrections, grading, adding additional effects, animations, illustrations, captions or logos, and subtitles. Post-production sound includes sound editing and mixing, recording and adding voice-overs if needed and adding music and sound effects.

7. Final Delivery

After we have completed each step with attention to detail, discussing and adjusting the production at each stage with you, we are ready for the final export and delivery of the final video or clips. This can happen in all possible required file formats and extensions, covering all requirements for quality picture and sound and with added subtitles in any language you can think of.

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